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the Barndoor Register page

        This page is for people who often ask me about a site where they could find my register.
I started my register in the early 1990s but it began to be really structured in 1994. Now it gathers around 450 Barndoors with more than 40 known as scraped.
        If you see something wrong or missing, please send me information WITH PROOF. Indeed with the help of several friends, we have cross-checked several times this register and some Barndoors have been deleted because they don't exist... even if you can find them in other registers.
        If you want to receive an e-mail when the register is updated please send an e-mail.

Now, you can either have a look to the Barndoor Register (a bit long) or download the zipped Barndoor Register (zipped HTML page, faster).

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